WPSD Ver.# 2a68f7bd98 Update available!

WPSD Voz Digital Tablero para LU1ABK

Radio Status
TX/RX Freq.
Radio Mode
Modem Port
Modem Speed
TCXO Freq.
Modem Firmware
Standby: D-Star
438.440 MHz
460,800 bps
12.0000 MHz

Current / Last Caller Details
signo de llamadaCallsign Country Name Location ModoTransmitted Mode ObjetivoTarget, D-Star Reflector, DMR Talk Group etc SrcReceived from source Dur(s)Duration in Seconds
LU1ABK/INFO Argentina Unable to connect to Call Sign Lookup API Argentina D-Star CQCQCQ Net7.1s (9 secs ago)